Powered by Direct Co-ops and Direct Global, Direct Defence is a PPE supplier and distributor designed to help SMEs and individuals have access to PPE during these trying times. Made in Canada for the world.


Direct Co-ops is a group-buying platform and marketplace for SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) and co-ops, bringing together local independent businesses to leverage their group buying power, enabling them to achieve better prices on all their purchases. Our platform allows SMEs to enjoy the same buying power as the big chains and online retailers, stimulating the local communities and economies to level the playing field for our 'Mom and Pop' shops.

We are an open membership platform - it is free to register and we charge a small percentage from all transactions. Since 2014, we've helped thousands of local businesses save on their operating expenses, thanks to the better rates and prices we have negotiated with various service providers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Direct Co-ops is joined by the largest business associations, co-ops, nonprofit and government institutions, dedicated to supporting independent business and entrepreneurship and we are proud to be the voice of mom and pop businesses everywhere. Our new online marketplace is open to all SMEs and co-ops, as well as their employees and members, with access to significantly better wholesale prices. SMEs and co-ops can sign up for free and start selling within minutes, with the lowest transaction rates and the most technologically advanced eCommerce platform available on the market today!